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The climate is transitional continental, typical for the average southern parts of Europe.

The average annual temperature is 12,3°C. The average maximum temperature in July is 30.3°C, and the absolute maximum has been measured on 5 July 2000 - +45,0°C. The average annual minimum temperature is 6.5°C, while the absolute minimum - minus 31,5 °C has been measured on the morning of 24 January 1942 in a state of temperature inversion. The average annual relative humidity is 73%, the highest in December – 86% and lowest in August – 62%. The average annual rainfall is 540 mm, with a maximum in May-June – 69.2 mm and a minimum in September – 31mm.

The average annual number of days with snow cover in Plovdiv is 33 days. The average height of snow is between 2 and 4 cm and the maximum between 6 and 13 cm. In the “City of the hills” prevail weak winds (0-5m/sec) and the winds with speeds up to 1 m/s are up to 95% per year. The fogs are common during the cold months; the foggy days in a year are 33 on average.