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Chitalishte P. K. Yavorov – 1926

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Chitalishte P. K. Yavorov – 1926

About us:

Just 12 years after the tragic death of the poet Peyo Yavorov a group of admirers of his creative work from Plovdiv established a chitalishte bearing his name. The small library was set up through donations of books. By 1930 the chitalishte had 280 members. Its board of trustees undertook the initiative of fundraising so as to build the first community house. “Coupons” were printed and sold to the members and residents in the neighborhood. In 1938 there started film screenings the entry fees from which were allocated to the fund “Building a community house”. Unfortunately, a year later due to the start of WW2 the idea could not be put to practice. The activities of the Chitalishte are mostly in book loans. Nowadays the library has two departments – for adults and for children and the library fund amounts to over 10,000 volumes.

Across the years the chitalishte had two orchestras of Roma origin, different music school and a language school. Its cultural portfolio contains a number of meetings with writers, artists and musicians. In cooperation with Chitalishta Mladost (Youth) and Savremennik (Contemporary), Chitalishte Peyo K. Yavorov has set up an essay writing competition under the heading “Heal the pain with love” for pupils from all Plovdiv schools.

The activities of the chitalishte are dedicated to personal spiritual growth.

If you are curious to find out more, see Information card of the chitalishte provided by the Regional centers for expert consultation and information (RCECI).

Director: Yordanka Todorova Valkova

Secretary: Zoya Atanasova Ivanova

Librarian: Lyudmila Slavova

Address: 15 Bosilek Str.

Phone: +359 32/596539

E-mail: [email protected]



Our partners are: Naiden Gerov Secondary School – Plovdiv; Primary School Kiril Nektariev – Plovdiv; The Municipal Chitalishta Union.


The chitalishte is located on the first floor in a residential block and includes: library – adult and children’s department, reading room, study room for club and circular activities, lectures and exhibitions.


  • Working hours
  • Mon-Fri:
  • Saturday:
  • How to get there
  • 15 Bosilek Str.

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