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The Odeon of Philippopolis

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The Odeon of Philippopolis is situated in the Northeast corner of the Forum (Agora) of the city. The existence of a building with this functional use in the central part of the Ancient city gives grounds to assume the great importance of Philippopolis as a cultural and political centre.

The Odeon is rectangular in plan and as such it perfectly fits in the orthogonal structure of the forum complex. Perhaps the building originally served as bouleuterion (town hall), but later construction periods revealed its principal use as a theater building. According to the archaeological findings the building had four construction periods: from the 1st to the 4th century AD.

The conducted researches and analyses show that the Odeon comprise all the elements typical for the roofed theatres: skene, orchestra and cavea.

The Odeon of Philippopolis was found in 1988 by the archaeologists Z. Dimitrov and Maya Martinova. The Odeon is listed as a cultural value of national significance being a part of the forum complex in 1995. Thanks to the contribution of Leventis Foundation conservation works have been done in 2002 and the Odeon is open for visitors.

  • Historical period

  • Antiquity

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